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Internet Banking

SCRIGNO bps, the virtual container


SCRIGNObps is the virtual container that includes all the initiatives that our Institute performs in the world of innovative services.

Fundamentally, it means banking in new ways: with the support and the contribution of technology. This allows us to personalise and enhance the existing relationship that exists between the Customer and our basic philosophy: being next to the Customers, listening to them, suggesting made-to-measure solutions, involving the customer in exciting and well-chosen opportunities.

In this section you will be able to deepen your knowledge of the on-line services we offer, in the hope that we can offer you, too, suitable advice in the choice of the services that you require.

Thanks to the flexibility and effectiveness that characterise our Institute we have developed several on-line services for important public and private institutions that we won't mention here; let's just mention the production of GesTes (Computer management of Treasury services), the integration of the digital signature for authorisation purposes during the exchange of important information, the personalisation of payment systems via Internet and more.

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